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Meet Sharmaine, a descendant of indigenous shamans and healers from the Philippines, belonging to the Ilocano bloodline of Babaylans.

Inner Knowing.

Meet Sharmaine, a descendant of indigenous shamans and healers from the Philippines, belonging to the Ilocano bloodline of Babaylans. Growing up, she witnessed her father’s remarkable healing abilities as a traditional healer known as Hilot (in Filipino known as “manghihilot”) in their province. Inspired by her family’s legacy and drawn to the world of energy healing, Sharmaine embarked on a profound self-healing journey, leading her to discover her true calling in Reiki Energy Healing.

Let’s delve into Sharmaine’s personal experiences, her connection to Filipino culture, and her passion for sharing the transformative power of Reiki with the world.

Discovering Hilot and Filipino Healing Traditions

Hilot is an ancient healing practice deeply ingrained in Filipino culture. Combining massage, herbal remedies, and spiritual beliefs, it aims to restore harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. Sharmaine’s father served as a Hilot in their province, showcasing the profound impact of these healing traditions on her family and community. Growing up amidst such healing practices, Sharmaine developed a strong connection to her heritage, which ultimately influenced her path as an energy healer.

An Inner Calling

Upon learning about her family’s ancestral healing roots, Sharmaine felt a profound resonance with Reiki, a form of healing that involves channeling high-vibrational energy to promote holistic well-being. Intrigued by the beauty and gentleness of this healing modality, she knew in her heart that sharing Reiki with others would become her life’s purpose.

The Journey of Self-Healing and Transformation

Sharmaine’s journey into Reiki began with her own self-healing. Though initially uncomfortable, the process led to a beautiful transformation in her life. As she delved deeper into her healing journey, she experienced vivid dreams about her ancestors, her village, and even glimpses of the future. These profound experiences reinforced her belief in the interconnectedness of past, present, and future, further cementing her commitment to energy healing.

From Self-Healing to Healing Others

After a year of intense self-healing and nurturing her closest relationships, Sharmaine was ready to share Energy Healing with others. Embracing her higher purpose, she began offering healing sessions to those seeking balance, restoration, and spiritual growth. The experiences of witnessing her clients’ transformations only fueled her passion for healing and helping others unlock their inner potential.

Sharmaine’s journey into Reiki is a testament to the profound impact of ancestral wisdom and cultural heritage on personal growth and healing. Inspired by her father’s role as a Hilot and her indigenous roots, she embraced her true calling as a conduit of high-vibrational energy. From her own self-healing to empowering others through Reiki, Sharmaine continues to make a difference in the lives of those she touches. As she walks the path of healing, her connection to her Filipino heritage and the legacy of her ancestors remains at the heart of her journey, radiating love, harmony, and transformation to all she encounters.

Reiki Services

Reiki is beneficial on many levels - the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and can be done on a person lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair. The recipient may experience heat, a glowing energy, a tingling sensation or nothing at all. I practice hands-off, meaning I do not touch the body of the recipient at all.
Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is beneficial on many levels – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and can be done on a person lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair. The recipient may experience heat, a glowing energy, a tingling sensation or nothing at all. I practice hands-off, meaning I do not touch the body of the recipient at all.

Reiki Sessions

  • Long-Distance Reiki Session (60 Mins) $100
  • Private Reiki Session (60 Mins) $100
  • Reiki for Home Clearing & Protection (60 Mins) $150
  • Reiki for Hospice; transitioning soul (60 Mins) $100
  • Reiki for Manifesting (60 Mins) $100

Reiki Certifications

Reiki Services

Of the many benefits of Reiki, self-healing is my favorite. Self-healing practices has helped me strengthen my health and deepen my Reiki practice by allowing the Universal Life Force Energy to empower me and support me in all areas of my life. Reiki is a beautiful form of self-love and the nature of this energy is unconditional love.

Reiki Attunement Levels

  • Reiki Level I Attunement: Self-Healing $125
    • Reiki Level I Practitioner Certification of Completion
  • Reiki Level II Attunement: Psychic-Development $225
    • Reiki Level II Practitioner Certification of Completion
  • Reiki Level III Attunement: Spiritual Healing $325
    • Reiki Master Certification of Completion

Reiki Level I Practitioner PDF Manual

The PDF version of my first eBook manual is called The Sacred Symbol of Self-Healing is now available.

Purchase for $4.44 to Download.


Reiki Education & Teaching

After receiving your Reiki Master Level attunement, you may gravitate towards opening your own private practice because of the fulfillment you experience from sharing the Reiki love. The Reiki Master Teacher requires an attunement to the 13-sacred symbols of Reiki in order to teach and attune others. Contact me directly when you have reached this level.

Business and Marketing

  • Reiki Master Teacher: Inner Knowing $425
  • Business Plan TBD
  • Digital Marketing Plan TBD
  • Leadership Coaching TBD

Reiki Testimonials

  • Reiki with Pasion Client Testimonials
  • Reiki with Pasion Client Testimonials
  • After trying acupuncture and meditation I was introduced to Sharmaine. The sensations, feelings and emotions that came up during the session were surprising! I felt an increase in my mental clarity for the few days after. I loved it!
  • Although I had known about Reiki for years, I didn't think that I would benefit from it until I decided to take a leap of faith and had my first session with Sharmaine. My whole encounter was incredibly restorative and I am so glad that Sharmaine was the person I decided to have my first Reiki experience with. My job can be very taxing on my mental health and physical body. Sharmaine knew exactly which areas to focus on my body leaving me pain free, incredibly relaxed and just filled with a burst of energy. The whole session felt like a soothing and comforting hug for my mind, body, and soul. Not only that, but the effects of that one session feel long lasting as I am still feeling renewed and pain free to this day. I highly recommend starting or continuing your Reiki journey with Sharmaine. She is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable in the art.

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