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amy tsai
amy tsai
Please look at the attached photo for my review. Google did not give me the space to write a whole review so I wrote it on a Word doc and took a picture of it. Hope this is helpful for you. Keep an open mind and take a leap of faith. It will be worth your time.
Chelsea Monjardin
Chelsea Monjardin
I chose to book a session while recovering from a breakup and struggling with emotional turmoil. This seemed like a great way to help with my healing journey and to restore an imbalance in my energy. I always feel so rejuvenated after my sessions with Sharmaine. She is so knowledgeable about self-healing and even offers valuable guidance on enhancing my well-being through yoga practices and walking meditation. I definitely recommend Reiki with Pasion if you’re dealing relationship challenges, grief, or just want to work on self-healing!! 😊😊🙏
Derryl Dela Vega
Derryl Dela Vega
Hands down 5 stars. My first Reiki experience was nothing short of astonishing! Who knew Sharmaine’s Mastery of Reiki healing would leave my mind, body and soul feeling lighter, clearer, more balanced, and remarkably revitalized. With her help all the weight of my stress, pains, complications both physically and emotionally melted away. I would highly recommend booking a session with Reiki Master Sharmaine Pasion to anyone seeking a transformative experience. I'm tremendously grateful!
Frank Sneider
Frank Sneider
Amazing massage really talented and healing masseuse; very professional and flexible with scheduling thank you
Fun Life
Fun Life
Exceptional Reiki session! I felt renewed and balanced. Sharmaine was skilled and created a soothing atmosphere. Recommend for holistic healing.
Kay Bhandal
Kay Bhandal
You can tell how intuitive and knowledgeable Sharmaine is with reiki solely based on how you feel after the session. She left me incredibly restored, pain free, and just very relaxed and calm, which can be difficult for me at times. This was my first session not only with her, but with using reiki as well, and I am so glad that I decided with Sharmaine. She was easily able to determine which areas I needed to focus on and in the end, left me feeling energized. I will definitely be coming to her in the future!
Bell Ming
Bell Ming
I was curious and doubtful about Reiki healing for awhile. I had lots of stress and negative emotions internally as well as a back injury, so I decided to try it out with Sharmaine. I didn't know what to expect, but I went it with being open-minded and open-hearted. After the first session, my suppressing innermost feelings were let out and both of my body and mind felt light and relaxed. I feel more at ease and able to manage my own inner thoughts much more as I continue both of my physical and mental healing journeys. Sharmaine is super passionate and knows what she's doing. Highly recommend to give it a try with Sharmaine!

Reiki testimonials are firsthand accounts and personal stories shared by individuals who have experienced the benefits of Reiki energy healing. These accounts provide insights into the positive effects and outcomes people have encountered through Reiki sessions, offering valuable perspective for those interested in this holistic practice.

What My Reiki Clients Are Saying.


Sharmaine has help facilitate calmness in my mind and grounding through my toes. I had digestive issue after partying the night before and she helped me reduce the pain and discomfort I felt. During my COVID healing, I felt her heal my body as it becomes less stress and speed up the duration of severe symptoms. After each session, both my mind and my body feel relaxed and soul reconnected with oneself.

Angelika P.

Irvine, CA


I’m always skeptical about online offerings and I try my best to go to events and hit one-to-one sessions in person so when the opportunity presented, I wasn’t sure about going ahead with long-distance Reiki because its not in the same physical space. Yet the experience blew my expectations apart. It was quite strong and I felt although we were in different continents on other sides of the world I felt the presence and energy of Sharmaine. I was pleasantly surprised, I must admit, so I would recommend if you’re skeptical like me about online offerings, go ahead and treat yourself to an online session and when the opportunity presents itself to an in-person session, do not hesitate.

Cenk B.

Sydney, AU

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Reiki Testimonials Matter!

I am grateful for your feedback! As a Reiki practitioner and educator, I find Reiki testimonials to be invaluable. I believe they serve as a powerful tool for showcasing the effectiveness of my healing practice.

Sharing the positive experiences and transformations of my clients through their testimonials allows me to build trust and credibility with potential clients.

These testimonials, in my experience, not only validate my skills but also create a sense of assurance and comfort for those seeking Reiki healing. Moreover, they offer me insight into the various ways Reiki can positively impact people’s lives, which, I believe, inspires others to explore the benefits of this holistic approach to well-being.

Reiki is a practice that promotes enlightenment, wisdom, transformation, and renewal.

Reiki is a practice that promotes enlightenment, wisdom, transformation, and renewal.

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Are Reiki Practitioners Licensed?

In conclusion, Reiki practitioners may not be licensed physicians, but they operate within a legal framework that promotes transparency and informed choices. The practice of Reiki offers a unique approach to well-being, harnessing the power of energy healing, and it is readily available for those seeking balance and holistic healing. So, if you’re curious about…

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Reiki in Newport Beach, CA

When you’re in Newport Beach, CA, and seeking the healing touch of Reiki, Reiki with Pasion is your sanctuary. Discover the profound benefits of Reiki, take advantage of our exclusive offers, and embark on a journey to become a certified Reiki practitioner. Visit Reiki with Pasion in the serene coastal city of Newport Beach, CA…


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